USHPA Chapter Renewal Due 1/15/2018

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USHPA Chapter Renewal Due 1/15/2018

Post by John Wolfe » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:46 pm

It's time for the annual USHPA chapter-renewal amusement. Target date for submission is January 15th, and submissions received after February 1st are unlikely to be processed before insurance expires on March 1st.
There is a good bit of work to be done, and I would very much appreciate some help.
Below, is an outline for the renewal process. Aaron has made a good start on the Site Guides, but there is more work to be done on these. We also need Emergency Action Plans, and I believe that Aaron and Alan will provide those.
Now, we need volunteers to work on items (1) and (2) below.
1. Update Site_Locations spreadsheet.
a. Coordinates, altitude, glide ratio
b. Winds
c. Additional insured ID
2. Update Risk Assessment Documents
a. Adopt format from _USHPA_Risk_Assessment_Worksheet
i. Convert to Google Docs
ii. Filename convention: Chp001-RiskAssessment-BoxCanyon
iii. Copy data from 2017 documents into appropriate slots
b. Review training videos and materials on
c. Create site maps using Google Earth
d. Add Emergency Action Plans (drafted by Aaron and Alan)
e. Review existing risk assessment plans, revising as necessary
i. Review provided risk identification examples
ii. Consider additional risks not listed in examples
f. Convert to PDF for upload
3. Review and revise Site Guides
a. SAHGA-SiteRules contains information for all sites and must be split into a separate file for each site. Filename convention: Chp001-SiteGuide-BoxCanyon
b. Add site guide information (drafted by Aaron and Alan)
c. Convert to PDF for upload
4. Update chapter roster
a. USHPA members
b. non-USHPA members
5. Update chapter information
a. Officers
b. Contact information
6. Work through online renewal process, uploading data as necessary.
7. Review entire renewal package.
8. Submit renewal package.
9. Pay for insurance.

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