Now I will repeat my request to those of you who have not yet done so: please get your HAM license. The HAM frequencies allocated for simplex voice communications are generally free of interference and traffic. In the rare case we find actual HAMs chatting on a frequency we're using during flight, they are always curious about what we're doing, happy to move to another frequency to stay out of our way, and in some cases they've offered to provide retrieve.

You need only a Technician license (the lowest level) to do what most pilots want to do, talk on the 2M HAM band (frequencies in the range of 144-148 MHz). You can even use APRS with only a Technician license.

Unlike the old days, a Technician license no longer requires Morse code skills. You need only pass a simple test.

A good resource is the Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club. They organize tests and classes for aspiring Technicians. 

Plenty of other resources are available to help you prepare for the test including:

I imagine that a web search will turn up many more. There are also books on the topic:

When you're ready to take the test, connect with your local HAM club to determine the location and time of the next exam session.