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Quality HG & PG Jewelry

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2004 10:30 am
by Chris Chaney
Hey if anyone is interested in quality paraglider or hang glider jewelry
here's the website.
I took up hang gliding about two years ago and have really
enjoyed the sport and getting to know pilots all across the U. S.
I also happen to be a jewelry designer and have several lines
of jewelry that mostly depict agricultural themes so I designed
some hang glider and para glider necklaces and ear rings in
14kt. gold or sterling silver. There is a full page ad in the November
issue of the USHGA magazine and the items can be ordered online
or by calling my toll free number. I have several pieces of each style
in stock and I can ship them out immediately in time for CHristmas.
If you don't happen to need anything would you please do me a favor and put a link to my site on your club site or in your club newsletter? Thanks and see you
out there.
Chris Chaney
Chris Chaney Creations
Big SPring, Tx.