Soaring Forecasts

The The Soaring Predictor. Gives detailed soaring forecasts for the next coming week. Click on "Southern Arizona" for our sites.
NOAA's FSL soundings page. Produces skew-T charts from balloon soundings, starting from any time and predicting out any number of hours, for any sounding location. To see what it can do, choose the "Op40" (short term) model, start time "Latest", number of hours "8" and Site "TUS". There's a link to tutorials about skew-T charts at the bottom of the page.
Dr. Jack's BLIPMAPS (Boundary Layer Information Prediction Maps). Graphical thermal soaring forecasts. The NAM model covers up to 72 hours. Or, try the RUC model here for 12 hour soaring forecasts. Free, but registration is required.

Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecasts

The Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS). Check the graphical Winds/Temps aloft to find ot if it's going to be blowing in on launch tomorrow!
Air Sports Net's Winds and Temperatures Aloft page. Easy-to-use winds aloft forecasts to help you pick the right flying site for the day. Jet Stream page. Shows where the big winds aloft are predicted be for the next 12 days.

Surface Winds and Forecasts

National Weather Service 7-day Forecast Lets you specifiy a location anywhere in southern Arizona and get a 7-day weather prediction for it.

Updated 8/25/2011