We need everyone to renew for 2016

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We need everyone to renew for 2016

Postby curlydiana » Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:51 pm

Hello Pilots,

I was working on the treasurer’s report for our next meeting. As Secretary-Treasurer it falls on me to remind everyone that we still don’t have all pilots renewed. The main function of SAHGA is to provide site insurance for our landowners. To continue flying sites like Box, Mustang, A-Mountain or Miller you must be a SAHGA member. The annual membership contribution ($50) is invaluable to the success of our community. Every year the contribution goes directly to covering all site related expenses. The USHPA Chapter renewal is coming due. This is our biggest expense of the year. Last year we estimated 25 members. That is an estimated budget of $1250. This is NOT enough to cover ALL of the expenses for 2016, including the USHPA renewal. So far I have collected dues from 20 members. If we want to renew with USHPA on time, I must collect the outstanding membership dues. Last year’s license was $1100. The price is likely to increase this year. Below is a list of all of our current members. If you are not on this list, please connect with me. You can renew your membership by navigating to the home page.

SAHGA Members- If you are flying SAHGA sites with a pilot that is not on this list, please gently remind them that we need their help.

Thank you everyone!

2016 SAHGA Members:

Aaron Cromer
Brandon Bell
Chris Craig
Daniel McFatter
Diana Cordero
Elizabeth Stavely
Hugh Roberts
Ioan miftode
James Trizzino
Jason Otto
Jeffery Gnann
Jesse Engle
John Viles
John Wolfe
Mark Stockwell
Matthias Gottmann
Mitch Shacter
Molly Flynn
Rafael Ramirez
Vann Larimore
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