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30 minutes south of Tucson, in the west side of the Santa Rita Mountains




Southwest through north winds. An afternoon site with wonderful evening glass-offs.


  • Dehydration and heat exhaustion are a real hazard during hot weather. Bring plenty of water for the hike up.
  • Desert flying is hazardous in hot weather. Inexperienced pilots should limit flights to evenings under the guidance of a local pilot. DO NOT attempt to fly this site for the first time without a local guide!
  • Rain or virga in the desert produces gust fronts and microbursts. Watch for overdevelopment or lines of moving dust.
  • Desert vegetation has teeth and eats the wings of the unwary or careless. 

Ratings / Requiremets:

P3, P2 with instructor or local guide. USHGA site insurance, membership required.


SAHGA club frequency is 151.925 (USHGA Ch. 2)


SW, W, N from Alazurra Peak, about 6100 MSL.

Launch Direction:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

Launch Access:

Dirt forest road 2wd to LZ and hike up the front. Arizona State Trust land, individual or family recreational use permits required to hike to launch; or 4wd to back parking and shorter hike up the back over USFS land.


Fairly large field, about 4400 MSL. Arizona State Trust land under SAHGA group activity permit.

LZ Directions:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

LZ Access:

Paved two-lane road.

LZ Parking:

Along road near LZ.




911 Pima County Sheriff's Department; St. Mary's hospital, 10 miles north Rt 19 to Rt 10, take Congress St. Exit, west on Congress until it turns north into Silverbell, 0.5 mi. north.